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I am an attorney focusing on Probate, Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, and Advance Directives.  I work with clients in Hamilton County, Butler County, Warren County, and Clermont County.  I received my J. D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2011, and have been working as a solo attorney since passing the bar exam and being sworn in in 2011.  I am a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association and the Ohio State Bar Association, and of the Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate committees of both bar associations.

I have offices in Blue Ash, West Chester, and Hyde Park, and will visit those clients at home who have difficulty travelling to meet with me in my office.  Family members are welcome to attend meetings.

I live in Montgomery, Ohio and am proud to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission there.  In addition, I give back to my community by providing reduced fee legal work on the ProSeniors Hotline Referral Attorney Panel.

​My Promise

I will take the time to learn about you and your legal issues.

I will make sure that you understand all legal documents that I prepare for you.

I will respect your time, and return calls and emails promptly.

I will provide competent, compassionate, and fairly priced legal services.

I will not charge for an initial consultation.

Contact Information

        Beverly A. Stull
        Beverly A. Stull Law LLC
        (cell) 513-324-4183

        Blue Ash
        Westlake Center
        4555 Lake Forest Drive
        Suite 650
        Cincinnati, OH  45242

        West Chester
        Union Centre Office Park II
        9078 Union Centre Blvd
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        West Chester, OH  45069

        Hyde Park
        Rookwood Tower
        3805 Edwards Road
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Areas of Practice

Probate - When a loved one passes away, you are grieving and maybe a little confused.  Perhaps you aren't sure what assets your loved one had, or how each one was titled.  You don't know how to administer the estate, or even if you need to open an estate in Probate Court.  Being the Executor or Administrator of an estate means lots of paperwork, keeping good records, paying bills, and making final distributions according to the decedent's wishes.  You may have to deal with banks and insurance companies.  Maybe there is also a trust involved, and the record keeping that it entails.  As an experienced attorney in Probate, I can help guide you through your duties and make sure the requirements of the Court are met.
Elder Law - I am often asked "What is Elder Law?"  The answer is that it is all law, just for an older client.  But I focus on Medicaid Planning and Applications, along with preparing Wills, Trusts, Financial Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Transfer on Death Affidavits, and Deeds.  When dealing with an older client, I recognize that sometimes I have to meet them at their home or a nursing facility.  Also, elderly clients may feel more comfortable if I keep one or more of their children informed.  And Medicaid applications can be very complex.  With the cost of health care today, more people are needing help who never thought they would.  When someone enters long-term care, they should consider whether they need to plan for Medicaid.  You don't need to wait until you are penniless to discuss your options with me.

Wills, Trusts, Advance Directives (Financial Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Living Wills) - Everyone needs these documents, but often people just keep putting off getting them prepared.  There are always reasons that you delay, but there are better reasons to go ahead and do this.  If you don't prepare a will, the state will decide who will care for your children and who will get your assets.  If you don't have a Financial Power of Attorney, and you become unable to handle your financial dealings, the court may need to appoint a guardian.  If you don't have a Health Care Power of Attorney and a Living Will, you may be kept alive by machines for years with no hope of recovery.  You are never too young or too old to have these documents prepared.   
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